About Us
   We specialize in full lace or partial lace wigs using European, Indian or African hair for our wigs.  We have the most natural and stunning lace wigs, your choice against surgical hair replacement can be achieved. Lace wigs symbolize the newest technology for non-surgical hair replacement in the world today.

Our wigs represent the best product of its kind, handmade strand by strand and undetectable to everyone even close up. These wigs provide my client with maneuverability comfort and natural scalp that are necessary to blur the lines between a wig and a natural head of hair.

One of the easiest ways to change your look is with lace front wigs. Many of the celebrities nowadays use this kind of wig as it provides a very natural look on your hair as if it is a part of you and has always been and one thing that makes a wig look like a wig is when the scalp doesn't show. Well our wigs at visiblescalpwigs.com makes it possible for the look of your scalp to show so it looks as natural and real as possible. Now you can have the hair you've dreamed of !

All pieces from our 2010 lace wigs collection are made with the best craftsmanship - handmade strand by strand, one hair at a time, with no additional cost for dimensional color, baby hairs, or ethnic hair. Lace front wigs are carefully handmade for the finest flexibility in style and design.

Lace wigs are far-reaching the 2010 hair fashion trends, making a solid exciting statement in both women and men. It can be European full lace wigs, Indian full lace wigs, African lace wigs, or full lace wigs blonde. Pick up any lace wig color chart and be rest assured that all premium full lace wigs in any color will be available to you. You can now have the hair you dreamed of!

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